The following is a list of the research projects underway in 2013 at the four university sites of CHREC.  Each project was voted upon and selected by the CHREC members from industry and government to reflect their research goals and interests.

CHREC 2013 Projects (F=Florida, B=BYU, G=GWU, V=VT)

  • F1-13: Reconfigurable & Many-core Computing for Aerospace & Defense
  • F2-13: Virtualization Strategies for Fast FPGA Compilation
  • F3-13: Reconfigurable Computing for Computational Sciences 
  • F4-13: Partially Reconfigurable System Development and Management 
  • F5-13: Processor Metrics, Benchmarks, & Characterizations 
  • F6-13: Space-based Systems & Networks
  • B1-13: FPGA Design Productivity Enhancements
  • B6-13: Reliable Design Approaches for Reconfigurable Systems
  • G10-13: Optimizing Thin-Client and Embedded Architectures
  • V1-13: Performance, Programmability, and Portability of Heterogeneous Computing
  • V2-13: End-to-End Tool Flow for FPGA Productivity

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